What is Aerial Silks?

Aerial Silks are 7 yards of silk. They are hung at either one or two points and used to increase flexibility and strength within your body.  Trust is a huge component when it comes to practicing with aerial silks. Watch you confidence grow.

There are many benefits of practicing with the aerial silks such as increased flexibility, strength and decompressing your spine. However it is important to mention the contraindications. 


  • High/Low blood pressure
  • Herniated disks
  • Glaucoma
  • Osteoporosis
  • Vertigo
  • Recent surgery
  • History of heart conditions
  • Botox (within 24 hours) 

What Should I Wear?

Comfortable clothing that covers the underarms. Think hygiene. Capris/leggings are also recommended as it is easier to get in/out of the aerial silk. No jewelry to prevent any snagging of the aerial silks. 

What Should I Bring?


Be sure to come into class at least five minutes prior to class starting. This is to ensure the property height of the hammock and safety precautions. If you come late, you will not be able to take class. Bring a mat/towel and water, PLENTY OF WATER. If we invert in class (which we most likely will), it is a huge detox for your body. If you are dehydrated, it can lead to an uncomfortable experience. Let's skip the headache.