Aerial Yoga Level 1 will give you an understanding of how to find foundational yoga postures while utilizing the aerial hammock in a safe manner.
If you have an aerial silk at home but not familiar with how to practice postures, this training will bring you the confidence and understanding you need.

If you are interested in teaching others how to practice an aerial yoga class, you will learn effectively how to teach a class and assist where necessary.

After one intensive weekend, you will not only experience Aerial Yoga and Restorative Yoga, you will have a clear understanding of how to teach and practice the foundational postures which include basic inversions as well.

This training is a 3 Day Intensive training. Part of your training includes Aerial Yoga, Aerial Vinyasa and Aerial Restorative. You must take at least 4 of these classes (each one at least once) during a month span.

May 11-13

Friday 1-5pm, 6:30-9pm
Saturday 9-5:30pm
Sunday 12-8pm

For an information packet please e-mail amy@theyogiperogi/koah@theyogiperogi.

Aerial Teacher Training Level 1 is a prerequisite before you can take Aerial Teacher Training Level 2.
Limiting Spacing-reserve your space for training now!

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 is the following series from Level 1. Now that you have the foundation postures, you will learn various progressions and dive deeper into more advanced postures such as vampire, shoulder stand, diaper rash,etc; for a stronger practice and learn to sequence classes for all levels. There will be plenty of hands on exercises to help assist and spot when necessary.

This training is a 3 Day Intensive training

May 18-20

Friday 6:30-9pm
Saturday  9am-5:30pm
Sunday 12:30-7:30pm

During this month you must take at least 4 classes to include Aerial Core/Aerial Fusion. 

This training includes 58 hours of instruction (including homework) with opportunities to teach to a group with feedback.

Limiting Spacing-reserve your space for training now!

No cancellations, exchanges or transfers