Our instructors understand that everyone is made up differently for a reason and are able to teach a class suitable for all levels. Whatever the reason for coming to class, whether it be physical, mental or if a friend simply dragged you there, we will be there for you. Have fun and let go!


Amy Ustjanowski

200RYT,200ERYT, 500RYT
Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga , Karma Kids Yoga,Antigravity FUND L1&2, AIRBarre

I have always been an active person but it wasn't until I moved to North Carolina that I was open to what yoga could do. I worked a mentally exhausting job, no different than the majority of society.  I was never able to focus on "being present" until I took a Power Vinyasa class that kicked my butt by one of my favorite instructors still to this day. This is yoga?  Now I would be lying if I was completely receptive to the first class I took with her, but I was hooked by the 3rd class.  The point is I found what challenged and still challenges me physically and mentally not only on the mat but off it as well. 



Melissa Hege


Melissa is a passionate driven yoga teacher & dedicated student, originally from North Carolina.  Her yoga journey began in 2010 while taking her last psychology class at ECU.  From there, she began a self taught, at home practice until she took her first group class in 2013.  During that first group class on the beach, she knew was stepping into her life’s purpose. Over the next two years she would take classes until she completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training in June of 2015 at Yogi Hari’s Ashram in Miramar, Florida.

Melissa’s education in Psychology & Philosophy, as well as her background in Life Coaching & Community Organizing allows her to bring a unique & positive energy to each class. Since completing her 200 hour training she has continued a consistent study of Yoga (philosophy & asana), while adding on a special focus of energy work & spiritual development. Every class with Melissa will include her guidance through breath work, asana, guided relaxation, with a special emphasis on showing up fully in the moment, with whatever it brings. She has a strong passion for watching her students find self empowerment in their practice on the mat that allows them to thrive blissfully in their life off of the mat.


Michele Medeiros

I have been teaching over a decade, and practicing for about 15 years. I was introduced to the Ashtanga style of yoga and from that point on was intrigued in it all. I will never forget how I felt after my first class! It was surreal, I embarked in many styles and was able to have many great teachers. I taught in Portland, Oregon for 5 of those years. This practice of love, peace and self care continuously allows me to flourish as a teacher and student. It is a great honor for me to pass on this ancient and glorious practice to others.



Koah Thorpe

200RYT, Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga, Aerial Yoga Level 1 & @

Koah is inspired by each individual she meets. With a degree in pyschology and graduate studies in mental health counseling, she has found that everyone has the opportunity to find their best version by taking the time to connect themselves through breath, movement, and meditation. "Find what inspires you, and let it drive you!"



Rosalba Diaz


My journey began on the west coast when I took my first yoga class in California more than twelve years ago…

During that first class on 2002 I start to feel something different and I realized when I was on my mat performing my yoga asanas that my view of life had changed dramatically. Not only did my body become more flexible over time, my mind and my perception of life also opened up.

Yoga has the ability to free our bodies, hearts, and minds from barriers we place on our lives. After years of practicing yoga, I built up the courage to become a yoga instructor and was fortunate to study under many well-known instructors through workshops and classes. I’m proud to say that I have been teaching others for almost 8 years and find that while I’m now the teacher, I will also forever be a student of yoga.

When practicing yoga we learn control of not only our breathing, but our actions and our minds as well.

With that knowledge, and the tranquility it instills, our opportunities in life become boundless.